Surrogate Mother in Punjab

Surrogacy in Punjab

Surrogacy is a process in which a female gender carries a baby for another couple or person. The surrogacy is carried on because of the parents have defects on their reproductive system. There are many factors that affect the reproductive system: small size, infection, damage tissue, poor endometrial growth etc. Our surrogacy services provide optimal services at affordable cost.

Services includes:
  • Proper Psychological screening for surrogate
  • Checking surrogate mother’s medication and all tests before the embryo transfer
  • Making payment to Surrogate mother
  • Providing food and necessary items to the surrogate
  • All monthly expenses for surrogate’s family
  • Diet of surrogate for 9 month and proper counselling
  • Maternity Allowances
  • Medical consultation for egg donor
  • Retrieval of Egg
  • Post care of surrogate mother
  • Medical Consultation for sperm donor
  • Analysis of sperm for IVF
  • Embryo Check-up and processing
  • Storing Embryo
  • Processing IVF
  • Multiple Embryo Transfer Procedure
  • Post ET care of Surrogate
  • Legal Contracts