Surrogate Mother in Jammu & Kashmir

Surrogacy in Jammu & Kashmir

Every parent’s infertility is one of the unique problems. But we are here for your best solutions and providing you unique consultancy for your unique problem. We provide surrogacy services in Jammu and Kashmir so that your unique problem can be solved by us.

Here are some of the services of our surrogacy Programme:
  • Proper Psychological screening for surrogate
  • Checking surrogate mother’s medication and all tests before the embryo transfer
  • Making payment to Surrogate mother
  • Providing food and necessary items to the surrogate
  • All monthly expenses for surrogate’s family
  • Diet of surrogate for 9 month and proper counselling
  • Maternity Allowances
  • Medical consultation for egg donor
  • Retrieval of Egg
  • Post care of surrogate mother
  • Medical Consultation for sperm donor
  • Analysis of sperm for IVF
  • Embryo Check-up and processing
  • Storing Embryo
  • Processing IVF
  • Multiple Embryo Transfer Procedure
  • Post ET care of Surrogate
  • Legal Contracts