About Us

Being a parent is a blessing that every couple or an individual just dreamt of. This dream is not easy to pull off by some individuals or couples due to infertility or some circumstances that they never thought of. Surrogate Mother is here to help you with this procedure as the name suggests the power of motherhood. Everyone knows that when a woman makes a decision to step into the phase of motherhood then no obstacle can stop her from achieving that goal. So, our team of Surrogate mother just believes in that dedication, and we assist the individual or couple who wants to take that step of surrogacy. Surrogacy in India is acting as an arbitrator to provide the service to those couples and individuals who have obstinate their views against the mentality of some orthodox society to enter the phase of parenthood. We believe in –
“Love is unconditional that doesn’t mean who is pouring as love is away from any kind of barter thing. It’s just love, and you must accept the love from where it is coming from.”
We follow this as our motto as it doesn’t matter whoever womb has been used to give birth what matters is that it’s a blessing that some rare people can enjoy the phase of parenthood. As we are the leading surrogacy health center that has 537 branches in different parts of the country like Bengaluru, Ranchi, Patna, Noida, and many more. Our team is very professional with their skills and has 200 doctors who ardently try their level best to succeed and bring the joy of happiness into the face of couples and individuals. Every month we successfully deliver 423+ babies, and we have goals that till the end of this year it reaches up to 500+ babies. Life never gives a second chance however Surrogate Mother is making the second chance possible for you all so grab this advantage and enjoy the second innings of your life.


Motherhood is a sacred service and Surrogate Mother is just helping you to achieve this sacred feeling of parenthood. It doesn’t matter you are a couple or an individual we are just helping you with this process and acting as an arbitrator in this process of parenthood. Our services envelope each and every aspect of the prescribed as per medical steps which include social, mental, emotional, legal, norms. In Connection With Surrogacy/Egg Donation, We Provide The Following Facilities-IVF, IVF- ICSI, PESA, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, Donor Egg, and Surrogacy.


Parenthood is a blessing and when this blessing comes with high costing then nobody can enjoy this happiness of being a parent. So, to fulfill your joy we have come up with a budget-friendly surrogacy where there will be no burden regarding the extra charging of money like the other surrogacy centers are right now charging. We believe that this is already a challenging step taken by an individual or a couple, and they are going through several thoughts like “Will this process be successful or not?” “If not what another thing we should try?” and many more. We just want to take your entire burden and make you feel relieved so that you can enjoy the process of parenthood. We have a well-threaded relationship, cemented firmly among trusted couples or individuals, surrogates, and donors. Furthermore, we have a dedicated of world-class experts like legal experts, psychologists, caretakers. Our services do not end with getting a baby but continue till the attainment of your necessities that is even after the birth of the baby your expectations of well development (growth) run smoothly under the guidance of our experienced staff.


You have already decided that you want to enjoy this feeling of parenthood but due to some circumstances you cannot taste that feeling of joy so before stepping into the surrogacy concept lots of questions arises like-What to do? Where to go? Whom to contact? Is it safe? And maybe other factors also some which are known, or either unknown. Surrogate Mother is here to resolve all your problems however you just have to step in and knock on our doors. Then our team will take over all the tension and stress related to surrogacy. As every individual is different from each other, so every surrogacy differs from one another as here we are providing man-to-man marking.


Surrogate Mother will solve all your problems because here we dispense the best individual for you who can diagnose your complications so that the process of Surrogacy can generate your desired results. We actually yield a clear picture before the pregnancy so that you can properly manage every single obstacle easily. Here we will make sure that the required therapy is in your favor. Our team of experts will help you to be familiar with the obstacles of infertility like female fertility can arise due to the following factors – PCOS(polycystic ovary syndrome) Low Ovarian Reserve, Tubal Blocks, Endometriosis, Adhesions, Fibroids, Abnormal Uterus, Repeated Miscarriages whereas male infertility arises due to cryptorchidism, cystic fibrosis is Ductal obstruction hemochromatosis, Hormone dysfunction, Inflammatory infections, Retrograde ejaculation, sexually transmitted diseases, Sickle call anemia, Spinal cord injury Systemic diseases, Testicular cancer, Varicocele oligospermia (again it has many reasons). These are the reasons for infertility so here we ensure that every detail regarding your case is provided before proceeding to this therapy. Our team believes in challenges so that we can pass that challenge with flying colors. So, here we assure you to help and succeed with the procedure of surrogacy.