SURROGACY MADE EASY Providing Surrogacy is our sacred service. We understand and pay full attention on your wishes. We known well that you want to listen squeals of child / children in your home , in your courtyard and we are here to fullfil your desire. Many needy couple visit to us and enjoy our expertise. And why not ! If they get feeling that their dreams are changing into reality and happening of this fills in us overwhelming joy. Our dignified services are of lowest cost in this service field. We have highly designated team who care for every moment of the progress of surrogacy service. We dont leave the matters on luck.

We keep monitoring the technical developments also keeping full attention on the development of medical science in the filed of surrogacy to aviod any kind of mishanding i.e Procurement Of Sophisticated, ultra modern machines so that no any beating of heart of the upcoming baby growing in womb remains unnoticed to the caring team.

Paying attention to clinical and medical requirements are our prime consideration but what adds more in our success rate is bringing up the baby in very very satisfying conditions that is without comprsing with the psychological factors what an upcoming mother needs like very comfortable living conditions, nutritious food package, love, so that a surrogate mother reaps every positive mental status. We know well that when a child develops in embryo he/she gets mental nourishments also according to the thoughts of the mother. “Surrogacy is a boon, a gift of modern science which enables us to work for fulfilling your dreams.” It is an arrangement, use select a woman to carry and deliver a baby. Surrogacy is needed by those couples who have records of continuous failure of IVM treatment, women who don’t able to carry fetuses due to repeated miscarriages.

Improper function of the womb, woman with hysterectomy or a pelvic disorder.The steps involved in surrogacy are _ we choose Potential Surrogate Mother or you can say “Would Be”a surrogate mother but it is not easy so we examine your profile and make a suitable match with the “would-be” a mother with utmost care, of course, it is done after a medical scrrening of every stakeholder i.e. of the intending parents and the woman who has been found to carry the service of surrogacy thereafter we proceed to IVM process that is insemination of sperm with mothers egg. Noticeable point is that sperm can be inseminated with the mother who has been found as a ‘good match’ it needs IUI. As soon as the fertilization process is completed it gets placed in surrogate mother's uterus and the process of Pregnancy goes on. This is how we envelope our sacred service of surrogacy without leaving ‘no room’ for compromise- yes we start with utmost care to reach well at the end-so that a good start is must for saying _”all is well that ends well.” But we do everything under the umbrella of legal provisions as suggested by the GOI/ ministry of women and child development.

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Surrogates and Intended Parents

Whether to decide on growing your family by surrogacy or giving a treasure of parenthood as a surrogate, you may have a lot of questions arising in your mind about the surrogacy process and how does it work?

The surrogacy procedure may vary from place to place as the laws vary from place to place, the following are the step-wise procedure that will help you prepare for the surrogacy journey.

This step is very crucial for surrogacy procedure if surrogacy is right for you. To be a surrogate or a parent through surrogacy can be a very long and emotional journey, and it is a big decision for both candidates. Becoming a surrogate is one of the life-changing commitments that is tremendously fulfilling, but full of challenges. Surrogacy needs your commitment to another family for a year or more as you undergo medical and physical evaluations and procedure, and problems related to pregnancy, and carry a child which is not yours. But most of the women take it in a positive way instead of negative way.

Once it is decided to be a surrogate or intended parents, they must be certain of their goals and objectives of the surrogacy, and also the type of surrogacy expert they want to go with. There are two types of surrogacies:

Traditional Surrogacy: In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is the biological mother of the baby she ought to carry. The egg of the women is fertilized by using the sperm of the donor or intended father through intrauterine insemination.

Gestational Surrogacy: Gestational Surrogacy, the baby is not related biologically to the surrogate mother. The embryo is developed using an egg from a surrogate mother or a donor and sperm of the intended father using IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Once the egg is fertilized in the lab, the embryo is transferred to the surrogate and intended mother.

This is one of the most interesting steps in the process surrogacy. Finding the right surrogacy opportunity with a surrogate mother or intended parents. If you have already found a perfect surrogacy opportunity, you may proceed to next step.

Once you step in this process a surrogate mother or intended parents have to officially draft a legal contract. Every party have to appoint their attorney to secure that their legal interests are shown and are in safe hands.

Once all the legal documents have been scribbled, now it is the time to start the medical procedure to prepare for the transfer of embryo. This procedure took place in the fertility clinic. After the transfer of embryo, the pregnancy of the surrogate mother is confirmed. Once the heartbeat of the child is confirmed, then the surrogate mother will start getting payments.

After the process of embryo transfer, the birth of the child from surrogate mother is a life-changing process. Some of the time, intended parents will attain the surrogate at hospital for this precious moment.